Busy days

My dollhouse dolls in actual 1:12 scale has been receiving some attention lately, especially Tanaka whos´s been getting a few new clothes items. She is being kept really busy though with all there is to do around the house with two small kids and a dog to take […]

Good morning.

The first morning in a new house when the sun is shining and there are other kids to play with is alway so exciting. Wilma is excited to be here with her siblings and even a new best friend. Marie is excited that there is another girl her […]

Meet Wilma

The first to arrive at the Orphanage after a whole year is little Wilma (not counting Penny who’s too large to fit in the dioramas). Wilma just arrived today, and has a temporary wig (I think), but her modest smile make her look cute as a button anyway. […]

Away with the Fairies

The other day Alvin was sitting peacefully in his favorite spot by the Forevergreen House. His nose in a book as usual. This time about the garden, as it is the right time to get seeds in the soil. All of a sudden he is pleasantly surprised when […]

Little knits

After last year, with a shoulder I could barely lift and some generally bad arms, it has been fun to be back to knitting again. Although I don’t have the time I used to for it. First there was the Mini Gracie that I won from Kaye Wiggs […]

The Fairy Forest Mysteries

A collection of photo stories, some written into text, that I have been working sporadically on these last few years. Part 1: The Forevergreen House Part 2: The Search for a Dragon Christmas Mysteries Part 3: The Long way Home ( In progress)

The Forevergreen House

Part 1 of the Fairy Forest Myteries, as illustrated text. Chapter 1 In his younger years Alvin had travelled the World. He´d been quite the explorer, it wasn´t much he hadn´t seen, or so it felt like. Yes his goblin lineage made him small and strange looking to […]

Catching Snowflakes

It has been an unusually dark polar night, with no snow at all. Now the Sun has finally returned and the days are growing lighter. I brought Signe outside to get some fresh air and to greet the Sun welcome. In theses parts it is tradition to let […]

Penny the Champ

Life with three little siblings can be hard, especially when you are not at all used to it. You sort of know where you have the baby, but the toddlers are all over the place. There are good moments and fun moments, but in the midst of it […]

Christmas Mysteries

For those of you who have been keeping a keen eye on my picture series this holiday season, you would know that Alvin, after discovering a load of presents in the fairy forest, has been working hard to make the kids happy this Christmas. Meanwhile the resident fairies […]