Penny is settling in

Penny (Mini Gracie) arrived just before Christmas, and we are just getting to know each other. I think she enjoys hanging with the kids, but I sense that she wouldn’t mind a friend more her own age. Although I keep the holiday decorations until Jan 13th as is […]

The boys´Christmas

After opening his present together with Thumbelina, Adrian notices all the other gifts and makes sure to get all the boys to where the fun is. Perhaps needless to say, but this is an excitable bunch of boys about to have the time of their life. And with […]

Adrian and Thumbelinas gift opening

Thumbelina and Adrian are excited when they find a load of presents under the big tree in the play room. And with that Thumbelina and Adrian ran off to play. The bear and bunny was made and wrapped by GoldfishCrafts on Etsy.

Dolly Christmas

Dolly Christmas came late this year. Emma was getting a little impatient, but all was well in the end. Even if her Holiday outfit didn’t arrive yet 😉 (The bear was made and wrapped by GoldfishCrafts on Etsy.)

Holiday arrival

This year I was so lucky to win, yes win (!!!), a doll from the prize winning doll artist Kaye Wiggs. She was very generous to let me choose which doll I’d like from what she had available. Mini Gracie was at the back of my mind the […]

After the photoshoot

After a time consuming photoshoot there will be lots of time to unwind. Everyone is still in their Holiday outfits looking their best, but this is when the real fun happens. You might have noticed the big dragon in the group picture in my last post. He is […]

Happy Holidays 2020!

The Holidays are getting nearer, so I started dressing the dolls in festive clothes a while ago, finally yesterday they were all ready. Then standing them up like this without knocking the next two dolls over was a challenge. A picture like this takes a whole lot of […]

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

I am starting early this year, but after this harsh year it seems appropriate. It means a lot to celebrate the season of light in the darkest time of the year. Up here we are entering the polar night and more and more lights are coming up outdoors. […]


This is a little basic for experienced BJD collectors, but one of the fun things about BJDs is their ability to pose naturally. Posing depends on how the joints are made. All the kinds of dolls that I have been able to collect are made a little differently. […]

Ruthiepooh dolls

Will Ruthiepooh dolls be a future thing? I sure have been fiddling a bit with making bjds from polymer clay with this as a fantasy of sorts. However, none to date have gotten the needed attention to be worth making copies off. They have all been learning experiences […]