Ruthiepooh dolls

Will Ruthiepooh dolls be a future thing?

I sure have been fiddling a bit with making bjds from polymer clay with this as a fantasy of sorts. However, none to date have gotten the needed attention to be worth making copies off. They have all been learning experiences though.

Albert was the first experiment. I had barely touched clay before I made him, and I was focusing more on the joints than anything else. His face was an accident, but suddenly there was this little guy that needed to be assembled into a doll.

Nilas came to be be out of necessity when I bought a head less Obitsu11 body. I should have started with a plan.

Annikas face is really the only thing I rather like about my own bjds. Her body, which still is being modified really needs a total remake. Not sure if that will ever happen.

Ms Helen Hare I am rather proud of. There were a lot of joints that needed to go together. She has a long way to go on cuteness, but she is what she is. The original plan was to make her with fur, but now I am afraid to mess her up. I should probably try it on a cheap plastic animal first like I see many artists do.

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