Meet Robin

Last week something wonderful happened, a little boy came into my life. He is a Twinkle Navi made by Meadowdolls, and is so cute it is hard to take my eyes of him.

Navi was “the one that got away”. I fell in love with that cute face already in the first preorder, but decided this doll would be both too big and too expensive for me. Then I won a twinkle Sissi, and all hope of sanity was lost. Finally in last years preorder I gave in and ordered me a Navi. For a long while he was supposed to be a blond girl, but I finally decided he would have to be a boy, and I don’t think I am going to regret this choice. Just look at those cute cheeks! (Outfit by me and Dollyberries).


He arrived just as the last snow was melting, and after a few rainy days we had some lovely sunny days for outdoor photos. Offcourse Emma had to join in too.

Robin and Emma.

Since we are redecorating the living room it took a few days before he got to explore the playroom, but when he finally did Emma made sure he didn’t miss a thing!

“Make sure you check out the boxes too.”

Tractors and Excavators seems to be loved by every little boy, and Robin is no exception. He was barely able to choose.

“I love these!”

Before I knew it he had found the dinosaurs too and was looking up their pictures in a book.

Discovering Dinosaurs.

Finally Mathias the cat woke up and came to say hello. You might have noticed him sleeping in the background.

The cat says hello.

Did I say woke up? Never mind, lol. Emma says he did the exact same thing when she moved in.

“He likes to be petted, like so.”

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