Fairy Forest School of Wizardry

We first heard of the school when Timothy arrived at the Orphanage last winter in The Young Wizard

After the summer Timothy arrived early back at school only to find it was still a mess after the workers had finished with the repairs and left. It was nothing other to do than to get to work.

I didn’t know there would be carpentry on our syllabus.”

Meanwhile at Alvins cottage; Alvin was just about to have breakfast when Tiberius Hoot arrived with some urgent air mail.

“What a surprise!”

“The letter reads: Dear Mr. Alvin, It has come to our attention what a splendid job you have done with Timothys home schooling, and we would like to offer you a position as teacher at Fairy Forest School of Wizardry. The semester will start shortly. Sincerely, Headmaster Horn.

Alvin invited Tiberius to take a seat while he carefully read the letter. He was pleasantly surprised by the upcoming challenge, and his mind started working out all sorts of plans right away.

“This will take some preparing!”

It was only a day or two later Alvin took the long journey up to the school. He can see it far up on the side of the mountain from his cottage, but it is still a long hike for such a small fellow.

A first visit.

“Oh Tim, the school is about as grand as I imagined it to be!”, Alvin exclaims. “I think our first assignment will be to make me a short cut back to my personal study where things are more my own size. On top of those stairs leading to nowhere will be perfect!”

The next couple of weeks is spent preparing for the new challenge. Offcourse it is also very important to get to know the equipment.

Testing the equipment.

“Potion? Nah, just thought I’d cook nettle soup. Very healthy!” 

Finally the first day of school came. All the students were eager to start, thankfully!

The syllabus.

“Some of you beginners might be overwhelmed by this pile of boks, but don’t worry, we’ll go over it page by page together.”

The school does have one other student, although Fiddle with her innate magic hardly feels she needs to learn anything. Her music helps the other ones concentrate though, it is calming and hauntingly beautiful and helps them ponder over the impossible.

The other student.


Initially I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let Emily start wizarding school just yet as she is a little younger. It seemed a shame to separate her and Tanaka though since they are such good friends. Besides, three students is much more fun than two!

Tiberius Hoot hangs around as a secretary or tutor of sorts. A wizarding school needs an owl, don’t you think? 😉

You first met Fiddle in The Forevergreen House.

Tiberius Hoot was introduced in Move in day.

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