After a long period of cold and rain, the weather finally cleared up and it was possible to go outside to play.

Jacob was happy to be outside.

The kids ran outside, eager to get some sun. Jacob walk to the forest edge, light in his step. The sky was blue and the birds were chirping.

“Do you think I can climb this?”

The trees looked especially enticing, and he started looking for a big tree that looked easy to climb.

“Look at me!”

Not before long he was sitting high up on a branch calling to his brother Wilbur to look up.


Wilbur, on his part was looking curiously on some plants. He found it interesting to touch and feel the different textures, to see how the sun hit the leaves and to see all the different shades of green. Nature was far richer than he had imagined.

The brothers.

Jacob finally gave up getting his attention and climbed down. “I’m here Wilbur, did you want to show me something?”

Wilbur was happy to have his big brother close by so that he could ask his millions of questions.


Meanwhile their sister Sandy and her friend Gina were busy gathering flowers in the garden.


The day passed by fast, and before they knew it, it was time to go home to have supper.


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