A surprise visit

“Listen, Helen Hare, can you hear sleigh belles? Could it be?”

It was just before Christmas. Emily had stepped out for a minute to get the mail when she heard a sound she did not expect to hear. At first it seemed to come from far away but it soon came closer. She was even more surprised when a sleigh filled with gifts pulled up in front of the house.


Alvin pulls the reins and the sleigh comes to a halt. Beside him sits Tiberius Hoot, the owl that moved into the flat in his barn earlier this year. It seems they are in a hurry.

Emily didn’t see them at first, but Rudolph and Ponk jumps off the sleigh and starts pulling off a giant gift.

“Can we get moving?”

Sven, the reindeer pulling the sleigh, doesn’t look happy. Emily suspects he wants to get home before supper.

Rudolph admires Svens antlers.

“Don’t worry Sven”, Ponk explains. “Supper won’t make it self before we get home”. For some reason that doesn’t seem to make Sven look any happier.

Off they go, and Emily is left with a giant gift and an overwhelmed but happy look on her face.

“I can’t believe this gift is just for me!”

To be continued…

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