Penny is settling in

Penny (Mini Gracie) arrived just before Christmas, and we are just getting to know each other. I think she enjoys hanging with the kids, but I sense that she wouldn’t mind a friend more her own age.

Girl talk.

Although I keep the holiday decorations until Jan 13th as is tradition, Christmas is coming to an end. As beautiful as Penny looked in her dress, she still needed a more everyday outfit. I find it hard to find clothes that suit her personality online, so I have actually been sewing, and must say I am quite pleased with the results, even if flawed.

“All this sewing is nice. Would you mind finishing my other sock now?”
Penny with Emma and Charlie.

Charlie really looks like an Itty Bitty baby here. I must say I much prefer him at this scale. Charlie himself seems to protest and would much rather have fun with the same size kids at “the orphanage”, lol.

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