At the Toystore.

Some of the kids have their birthdays coming up, so I took them to the toy store to let them choose their favorites. Maybe, just maybe, they will get those for their birthdays.

Thumbelina went straight for the big Dora doll. I think she must have been eyeing that for quite some time.

“I want Dora the Explorer!”.

Frida and Billy was not that easily persuaded to find just the one favorite. They ran all over the store, digging into the toys and shelves, and Frida even peaked inside the big doll house that was on display. Tanaka was trying to keep an eye on them so that no accidents happened.


Almost there… the kids are still trying to persuade me into getting them two things each. Frida can barely keep from stretching after the little Rascal doll behind her.

“Can I have the robot dog too, pretty pleeease?”

Alright, sulking and begging has reach a minimum. These are their definite choices. I even got them to pose pretty for a picture. They both surprised me a little. Billy seems to have moved on from Winnie the Pooh, or has he? Frida seems to want this Pink haired doll I’ve never heard of… well, who can keep up with all these new toys these days?

“These are our favorites!”

From the opening of the Toystore.

Tanaka is just about ready to open.

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