Easter Puzzle

What Norwegians love for Easter, is a good “Who’s done it?” Books or tv- series, or cartoons for that matter. So, I have made a little puzzle inspired by the Easter puzzle that’s on the milk cartons every year. Story under each photo.

Also, kids will usually get one big egg each filled with candy, to be opened on Easter Eve.

“This year you all get one big Easter egg to share”. Emma, Camilla, Robin and Sophie are all excited!

Then the kids play all sorts of fun games. Here Robin discovers he has lost tic tac toe to Sophie. Emma plays with her dollie.

The kids also have lots of fun outside in the snow, skiing, sliding or building a big Easter Hen out of snow.

When the kids come back inside, the egg is gone!

Sophie Bailey wonders how could this have happened? For sure they had all been together all day? Or had they?

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