The young wizard

The arrival of Timothy.

One early morning the phone was ringing at Happy Home Orphanage. In the other end there was a distressed head master trying to explain his situation. There had been a long period of hard winter storms that eventually had made the school building suffer some damage that made it uncomfortable for the students to reside. It would have to be closed down, for what would probably be months, until repairs could be done.

It wasn’t long before Timothy arrived at the orphanages` kitchen and was welcomed by Emily and Nora who were up early.

A warm welcome.

The orphanage sits on the edge of the fairy forest and creates a happy home for the residents. Rooms seem to appear magically, so there is always room for one more.

Doing homework.

Although he is out of school, school isn’t out. It will still be important to keep up with homework, and studying dragons and other magical creatures is just one of the classes Timothy is taking.

Meeting Alvin.

Meeting Alvin.

Alvin had heard about Timothys school situation and thought he might take him under his wings. So he decided to journey over, and brought with him some of the books on magic that he inherited from his great uncle Malvin. Alvin found Timothy reading Harry Potter which was a great conversation starter. They are both great fans of the books.

The two had a fun time together, both happy to meet a fellow wizard. Timothy was enjoying to learn from Alvins experiences, and Alvin who never went to wizarding school himself honestly thought he might pick up some essentials that he might have missed.

The gift.

Two days later Alvin came over again, and this time he was carrying a mysterious box covered in leather with a black lid. There was even some metal ornamentation.

I have made you something”

“I have made you something”, Alvin said as he handed the box over to Timothy. “It might help you bring forth your own magic when you need to, just try to bond with it’s spirit”.

This made Timothy really curious as carefully took the box from Alvin. There was a slight rattling inside. He took the lid off carefully, just in case something might jump out.

“A wand!”, Timothy exclaimed as he opened the box.

“A wand!”
“It is brilliant!”

“It is brilliant! Thank you so much!” Alvin just hums as Timothy gives the wand a swish.

“Check it out!”, Timothy says as he shows the wand to Tanaka. She has wandered over, curious what the commotion is all about. She is supposed to start school in the fall and is frankly curious about everything Timothy does.

“Check it out!”

I hope you enjoyed. Keep tuned for new stories.

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