It’s the Season

The Yule season always creeps up on you. You start getting the first presents, then put up the outdoor lights for the long polar nights. It is a time when staying indoors seems to get more cosy, and listening to Yule music or reading a book seems to be the most natural thing to do.

“The tree is up!”
“Don´t spoil the ending for me!”

The off course it is time to take care of the baking. Having the right amount of just the right cookies that tastes like yule to You is of the utmost importance.

“Do you want to taste one?”

Tasting them is just as important. What if the cookies are not perfect? 😉

“May I have one more?”
The cookies are baked.

Yule is a time for showing the people you care about that little extra attention. Finding the perfect gift that will put that extra wide smile on someones face is always a challenge. It seems that these days people forget that and just buy more.

“I may need a bigger sleigh next year!”

Then on to the next big question. Will last years dress still fit or not? Finding just the right outfit with the right amount of festive sparkles might be a challenge on it’s own.

All dressed up.

Sometimes kids may not want to wear what you want them to, but as long as they are happy it will be a precious memory anyway.

“Where are the presents?”


Finally the day is here. The house is fully decorated. The family is all dressed up and Yule dinner is in the oven. The kids are poking and shaking the presents under the tree. The guests will arrive any minute.

Family portrait.

Then it is finally time for the presents!

The biggest one was for Lucas.
The triplets with their big, fun presents.
Relaxed in the chaos.
Happy faces.
“These will come in handy”.
“Happy holidays!”

We hope you all had or will have

Happy Holidays and a Happy new year!

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