Spring fun.

After a prolonged winter, spring is finally in the air. The kiddies are enjoying the very first warm days with fun and play. Camilla is especially excited about the first flowers.

“There are flowers everywhere!”

It is such a luxury to be able to relax outside in just your sweater. Emma and Robin has found a lovely spot to chill in the sun.


To add to the fun I decided to make them a sand box. It was a great success, and the kids climbed in immediately.

Emma climbing in.

Robin was quick to finally put his favorite Little Digger to work.

Robin with his Little Digger.

Sophie looked like a dream in her cute outfit while baking sand cookies.


As usual, Camilla was super excited. She grabbed the bucket and a spade and wanted to build a sand castle.

“This is so much fun!”

Finally we were all exhausted, and it was time to go in for supper.

“Do we have to go inside?”

Once inside Robin wanted to show me his new big boy room.

“Look how strong I am.”

And then it was time for a good night story.

“Could you read the one about Little Digger again?”

Sweet dreams!

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