Back to school

It’s a new year, and a new semester. The kids are back at school wearing their new clothes, or, as in Emilys case, also bringing her Christmas gift: A brand new camera!

“Look how pretty and pink it is!”

Emily brings it over to Lori so that she can see it better. I’m sure Lori saw it at Christmas already, but Emily is so proud and excited. Off course now that they are on a break it is a convenient time to try to get some nice pictures.

“Say cheese!”

Lori and Tim poses together, and Emily points and shoots. Hmmm, she might have needed a stool to get a better angel of these older kids. Not too shabby for a first try though.

“Point ans shoot”

Tim offers to take a picture of Emily and Tanaka. It would be a shame if Emily did not get a single photo of herself as well.

Best friends.

Alvin is looking busy preparing for class, but off course says okay when Emily asks to take his picture.

The serious professor.

Then it is time for the class to start. They are studying red dragons today. Tiberius Hoot is helping out.

Back to school.

Isn’t it just the perfect school for magic when your teacher is a goblin, and your tutor an owl?

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