Good morning.

The first morning in a new house when the sun is shining and there are other kids to play with is alway so exciting. Wilma is excited to be here with her siblings and even a new best friend. Marie is excited that there is another girl her own size to play with finally.

While breakfast was being organized Marie had to show Wilma the rocker, which she hasn’t been able to get on before.

Keeping the balance.

A little later they all gathered in the kitchen for a simple meal. They were all chatting excitedly. Jacob helped Wilma get on the high chair, and then they sat down to eat.

Breakfast with the family.

Afterward they all were a little full, but the little ones headed down to the play room again. Wilma had noticed that there were a collection of stuffed bunnies that she wanted to take a closer look at, and Marie helped her gather them together.

The Bunny Club.

Annie was close by while they played and helped keep an eye on the little ones.


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