Rainy Days

“What to do, what to do!” The kids are getting restless. It’s been pouring down for so long. They must have been looking out the window, because suddenly I’m cornered by two little cuties that are asking to go out in a hurry.

Attention please, we want to go out, now!”

Well, nothing else to do but agree. I guess we were all in need of some fresh air. Once outside the kids are fast to track down some fun puddles.

Splash about to happen.

“Do you think it will rain again soon, Emma asks?” Robin is more interested in enjoying the moment. They soon get bored with the puddle and decide to go for a ride.

“Let´s do this!”
“Are you pushing Robin?”

They soon get the hang of it. Robin is very helpful, in fact he thinks it is more fun to run and push than to sit and be pushed. That worked out great for both.

Just rolling along.

While we were out, someone else was there keeping us company.

“What’s this?”
“Help, there’s that monster again”

Thanks to Dollyberries for the lovely jean outfits.

Rain gear is from my mums vintage Rosebuddoll collection.

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