Exam day.

Today is a special day. It is time for the kids to finally show what they have learned over the last term.


They are all waiting eagerly, curious to open the exam papers and start writing.

“I wonder what questions we’ll get?”

Jamie is perhaps a little less nervous than the rest as he is not expected to perform much anyway, because he is new. He has the papers in front of him anyway, who knows, it might turn out that he knows more than he think he knows.

“It’s time!”

Finally everyone are ready. Professor Alvin gets up in front , and while holding a clock he says; “It’s time! You now have one hour to describe every kind of divination tool that you remember, and it’s uses”.

“Ready, set, go!”

Jamie hurries to open his papers. Tanaka is more hesitant. Emily is already biting her pencil.

“I can’t believe it, I’m totally blank!”

Tanaka is panicking a bit, too nervous to remember anything at first.

“Runes was fun, I remember those well.”

Emily is a little more clear minded, starting with what she knows best.

“Maybe I should just draw something?”

Jamie is a bit undecided. Is this truly the time to show his artistic talent, or should he actually do his best with this assignment?

“I wish he’d asked about dragons instead!”

Tim wishes the test was about his favorite subject, dragons. Those Tarot cards are so hard to remember.

“Is he really serious?”

Lorelei is confused, surely there will be too much to say about the topic for just one hours work?


One hour passes by.


The kids are focusing.

Writing exam papers is hard work. You can almost hear them think.

“Time´s up!”

Before they know it the hour has passed and Professor Alvin gets up and tells them to put their pencils down.

Just finishing.

There is a short pause for everyone to finish up. Lorelei seems to be taking extra long to get her last thoughts down on paper.

“Please put your pencils down, and hand your papers over to Hoot.”

Alvin points to Tiberious Hoot, the talkative Owl that is a tutor of sorts during their classes.

Hoot waves, “Here I am!”

Timothy is first to get up and walk up in front to hand Hoot his papers.

“Do I just put them here?”

One by one they follow, and everyone seems to be relieved the test is over. The chatting begins as soon as Hoot and Alvin are gathering the papers to tuck them away for now.

By the sound of it they all did their best and remembered most of what they were supposed to know, even if a little stressed at first. After all it wasn’t that hard.

The best thing is that now the summer vacation starts, and everyone is excited to go home to focus on what they like best, which is to relax and have fun!

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