Play clothes.

Emma got new play clothes today. That’s what my dolls wear most of the year; comfy, indoor, play clothes. I really can’t stand to have dolls sitting around looking cold, lol. I live really far north, so that goes for most of the year!

I like knitting, that usually turns out ok, at least after a couple of tries on a new pattern, but my sewing is a completely different matter. Something usually turns out crooked and I am also usually too lazy to try multiple times, with a few exceptions. The minis have had to endure it so far, but my two tinies Emma and Signe (Twinkle Sissi and Pukifee Ante) are getting very spoiled when it comes to their clothes.

Also, I decided this is “Nira appreciation day” ( ). This is the third time I order from her. She is a master seamstress, and every time she delivers top quality tiny clothes. Both outfits were made by Nira. The shoes by Dalefordolls, another master. Just look at these super adorable outfits!

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