Happy Holidays 2020!

From all of us to all of you, a very merry Christmas!

The Holidays are getting nearer, so I started dressing the dolls in festive clothes a while ago, finally yesterday they were all ready. Then standing them up like this without knocking the next two dolls over was a challenge. A picture like this takes a whole lot of patience!

I haven’t gathered them for a group shot in a long while, as seeing them like this sort of overwhelmes me. Next year the collection is likely to be even bigger…

Albert decided to hide behind Ponk, and Baby Sprout overslept, but oh well… at least Frank the Dragon got his sandwiches in time! If I get time I might do pictures with smaller groups as well, including the “big” girls.

By the way, my Homepage has had 3000 visits already. Thank you!

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