A little helper.

Spring is a time when there is lots to do in the garden. There are leafs everywhere from last fall, and plants that have withered under the snow. Maybe some that mice have gotten to as well.

Thumbelina has been a really good little helper. She brought out her wheel barrow and garden tools and started raking just like a real gardener.

Thumbelina helped with raking.

Thumbelina had fun and filled her wheelbarrow with withered grass and fallen branches.

Raking is hard work.

She gave it her best and pushed on for quite a bit, but off course such a little girl got tired pretty fast.

“I´m a little tired now”.

It was time to take a break, and it was nice to sit outside in the sun finally after a long cold winter.

A little break.

I hope you enjoyed joining in my little pukipukis day out.

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