Happy Fairy Christmas!

We are little fairy cousins, and we love Christmas too!

CP/ Fairyland fairies.

I feel like my story has gotten a little overlooked lately, so:

A little introduction to those who don’t know us already. The tallest of us are little pukipukis, just older than a toddler.

Thumbelina and Adrian.

The smallest of us are realpukis, a little older than the other two, even though we don’t look it. We just happen to have more fairy genes in us.

Rosemary, Frida and Billy.

Now let us open those presents!

“I found mine!”

Billy digs into the pile with an eager grin on his face.

“We found ours too!”
“We’re going to have fun with that!”

Billy is being extremely helpful.

Alvin and Joy are there too. Alvin is an ancient goblin that teaches at the Fairy Forest Wizarding School. None of these kids have started that school yet, so he is just like an Uncle to them.

“These will come in handy.”

A lot of the kids got books this Christmas.

“Alvin is going to love these books too!”


These last four happens to be my very first BJDs, the original gang you might say.

Nora is another little fairy girl who lives at Happy Home Orphanage, here on the edge of the fairy forest.

“Sweet dreams!

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