Studying divination.

First, we have a new student. This is Jamie, he is Emilys brother who finally has come over to stay with her.


The class is preparing for the exam in divination. In the curriculum they have covered several ways for how this can be done.

Studying tarot.

Tim and Lorelei are trying to learn and remember how to read tarot cards.

Eight ball fun.

As Jamie is so new he will not take the exam this year. Him and Alvin are having fun with the eight ball while the others are studying.

Studying runes.

Emily is trying to learn the different meanings of runes while sipping her hot cocoa.

Studying astrology.

Tanaka has found a quiet corner to herself while reading a book about astrology.

They are all being good students, while having a bit of fun with it along the way. Professor Alvin states that it is also very important to not take it all too seriously.

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