Portal magic

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We find ourselves back in the school room at Fairy Forest School of Wizardry. Alvin is teaching. He has made sure the students have something to drink, as well as some snack apples in case they get peckish.

“As you might remember, our first subject was going to be Portal Magic, but first there are some basics and preparations we have to go through. I will let Timothy demonstrate.”

Paying close attention.

While the students Tanaka and Emily are paying close attention Alvin is holding up pages in a book about wands as Tim goes through the motions.

Tim is demonstrating proper wand use.

“That was all for today”, Alvin says. “We will reconvene the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow Tim, as the oldest student, will come see my private study. It is much easier to make a portal if you know where it’s going”.

After class the students go home, but they make sure to bring some appropriate literature.

Tanaka has picked up some light reading.

Alvin, as the teacher, however has some practical work he needs to get done. He is making sure to put in a “visual aid” on top of the stairs where he wants the portal to go straight back home to his private study, in this case a door.

“Phew! that ought to help the kids do some portal magic.”

Meanwhile the fairy kids from the orphanage are having fun while watching the barn. Even a goblin wizard will need help with the practical things some times.

The next day arrives, and so does Timothy at Alvins cottage. He is amazed at the teeny tiny house, and can barely make it up the ladder to the attic where Alvin has his study.

Pinky the flower fairy has tagged along, on his side amazed by the big boy more or less crawling through Alvins tiny home.

“So, this is my private study. Make sure you take in all the details so that you can remember it vividly. Then pick a place where a portal might be practical. Might I suggest the wall behind Pinky?”

In the attic.

While sitting on the floor next to the ladder, Timothy gawks at everything, all so miniature in his eyes.

Finally, the day has come, and they are all back in the class room. The morning is spent repeating the theory.

“Basically you need to focus on the door while you visualize where you want it to lead”, Alvin explains.

The owl, Tiberious Hoot is there as well, and even Lady, Alvins puppy. They are looking forward to try the shortcut home.

When the moment arrives Alvin is supporting Tim by holding a hand on his back. Tanaka and Emily is still so fresh at magic they are only there for the theory, but who wouldn’t pay close attention at a time like this?

Fiddles fiddle can be heard playing in the distance.

Alvin looks serious while Tim concentrates.

After a couple of tries Tim gets it right. It is all fairly easy after all, just as Alvin said at the start of term.

“How satisfying isn’t it to have lunch in your own kitchen after all that hard work?”

Cooking eggs and coffee.


Behind the scenes at Alvins cottage.

Hope you enjoyed this and read to the end!

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