Honey honey

It had been a beautiful day. Nora and Emily had spent most of it outside, and had even brought Pooh and Piglet with them. Naturally the talking turned to the stories about Winnie the Pooh.

“Do you like honey Emily?”

Nora was rather imaginative, as is common for kids her age. Naturally if Winnie the Pooh loved honey so much, she had to find some honey for their Pooh as well. Nora knew exactly where they stored their honey, and headed right for the kitchen.

“I know you like honey Pooh. Look, there is all you can eat here!”

Before Billy and Emily cought up with her, she had Pooh submerged in the honey. “Oh no, I was supposed to watch her”, Emily sighed.

Billy snickered.

Now they had to get her and Pooh all cleaned up before supper, which was rather good timing anyway.

Billy helped.

Off they went to the bathroom.

“Make sure you get all the honey off”.

A little later it was time to say good night. Emily made sure to ask Nora what she had learned today, and then it was time for lullabies.

“Hush little baby”.

No bears were harmed.

Dolls 8 -12cm.

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