Santa was here!

It was after Christmas Eve dinner, and the kids gathered around the big tree in the playroom. All wearing their best.

“Look at all these gifts!”

They start checking out the labels and to squeeze and shake to try to guess what’s in there.

“Can we open them now?!”

“You are suppose to say “may” and “please”, but alright”.

The kids gather around, with content expressions, seemingly patient.

Nora got hers first.

Look how patient they all look, excited even for Noras new toy.

Frida helped baby John.

John got a chatter phone, that soon sounds over all the other chatter in the playroom.

Thumbelina and Sandy squeals with excitement.

After that the organized opening gets a bit out of hand.

Checking out what the others got.
“Look, we got that same Transformer character last year too!”
“There’s a whole story in here!”
Finally it was time for the big one.

Some of the girls gather around as Emily starts to pull the ribbons off her giant gift. “What can it be?”

“Look, look, look!”
“She is so pretty!”

Not even Tanaka, who’s been helping out at the toy store, has seen such a pretty doll in a long while. Emily holds her new doll like a precious baby, all the girls are quite taken with the dolls sweet face.

So proud.

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