Start of Term

After a long break, the kids are finally back at The Fairy Forest School of Wizardry. The Kids are excited to have something to help pass the long winter days still ahead of them. Professor Alvin, their goblin teacher, opens class by standing on top of the table behind a pile of books.

“This term you will learn about fairies.”

“This term you will learn about fairies, but in this first class of the year I want you to get familiar with the many books we have available on this topic.”

Almost everyone reaches for a book.

Tanaka still hasn’t been able to sit down. It seems there is a chair missing, and Tiberius has grabbed the last one.

“May I have this chair?”

Tiberious Hoot helps out as a tutor, and strictly speaking shouldn´t need a chair at this table just now. I’m sure he’ll move out of the way in a minute though.

“Some of the books might look familiar to you, as I have borrowed them from Thumbelinas library. She’s been collecting books on the topic for as long as I’ve known her“, Alvin says.

Emily: “I’ve already read this!”

The kids are chatting excitedly over the many lovely illustrations and in depth descriptions.

Lori: “This term is going to be fun!”

Jamie looks a little thoughtful, then says: “Maybe we could draw some fairies too?” The others looks a little puzzled, but nods to agree.

“Maybe we could draw some fairies too?”

Then he asks:

“Does anyone know why there is a kitten climbing the shelves?”


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