At Alvins Homestead.

To make class a little more interesting Alvin has asked the kids to visit his homestead in the fairy forest. It is in the opposite direction from the school, so it is easier to just have them meet him there.

At Alvins homestead there is his cottage, a barn and The Forevergreen House. The magic flows from the fairy realm to keep it in an eternal summer.

“Welcome to my humble homestead.”

“I have asked you here today so that you can see little bit of fairy magic with your own eyes. Also, my dear little friends Pinky and Rose are flower fairies, and they like to stay here during the winter. They like to help out a bit with the animals, as well as the herbs and flowers.”

Those of the kids who haven’t met Pinky and Rose before are amazed that they are even smaller than Alvin himself. In fact all of them feel like giants next to the itty bitty buildings and fairies. They suddenly understand why they didn’t just come here through Alvins portal. It would have been a tight squeeze.

Joy is excited to see all the big kids at the barn.

“You are welcome to pet and feed the animals. They are all very social, but especially these two.”

The kids Oreo and Primrose.

Rose has handed out carrots so that they can give them to the goats. The children in front gets some extra attention.

Rose the flower fairy.
“A carrot for you sweetie.”

The goats are a fun, and a very cute distraction from class. Maybe a bit more than Alvin intended, but at least their attention isn’t all over the place.

A sweet distraction from class.

Once his little lecture is over, the children are given free time to explore and to get to know the fairies and the animals better.

“Were you always this large?”

Alvins pet fox climbs into Loris lap and falls asleep.

“We think you’re stuck now.”

Meanwhile the birds are chirping about the weather.

Chirp chirp.

The children have an exciting day with the fairies and animals, and all of them want to come back, but maybe when there is a little less snow on the way there. Tim and Lori doesn’t want to say goodbye to the kids at all.

“Could you bring them to school sometimes?”


That was it for today.

Welcome back!


I’m really pleased with how the pictures turned out after working on them in procreate, basically adding the background, so I have changed them all after first posting this blog with the original pictures.

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