This is a little basic for experienced BJD collectors, but one of the fun things about BJDs is their ability to pose naturally. Posing depends on how the joints are made. All the kinds of dolls that I have been able to collect are made a little differently.

F.l. A Daisy Dayes puppy, a fairyland pukipuki and a Lati white sp.

My first BJD was a Fairyland Pukipuki (left). They are really easy to work with because you can just put them down on any flat surface and they will stand. The same goes for the original Lati white special (right). However, the joints of Fairyland dolls moves fluently, while the knee and elbow joints of the Lati whites need to be pulled slightly to bend.

This year I have gotten three dolls with double joints which adds a new level to the posing: These are Itty Ellemeno by Nikki Britt, a Lati white sp version 2 and the “big” girl Twinkle that I won from My Meadow. The first two can be seen in the heading photo. On the picture below you can see how the twinkle can also sit all the way down on her knees and remain balanced.

F.l. My Meadow Twinkle Sissy, Fairyland pukifee and cat by D. Luonto.

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