The young wizard

The arrival of Timothy. One early morning the phone was ringing at Happy Home Orphanage. In the other end there was a distressed head master trying to explain his situation. There had been a long period of hard winter storms that eventually had made the school building suffer […]

Away with the Fairies

The other day Alvin was sitting peacefully in his favorite spot by the Forevergreen House. His nose in a book as usual. This time about the garden, as it is the right time to get seeds in the soil. All of a sudden he is pleasantly surprised when […]

The Fairy Forest Mysteries

A collection of photo stories, some written into text, that I have been working sporadically on these last few years. Part 1: The Forevergreen House Part 2: The Search for a Dragon Christmas Mysteries Part 3: The Long way Home ( In progress)

The Forevergreen House

Part 1 of the Fairy Forest Mysteries, as illustrated text. Chapter 1 In his younger years Alvin had travelled the World. He´d been quite the explorer, it wasn´t much he hadn´t seen, or so it felt like. Yes his goblin lineage made him small and strange looking to […]